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Our Accessories

All Steel strives to be one-stop shopping. Everything from screws, sealant, foam closure and flashing are stocked and ready for pick up. From underlayment for your IKO shingles to expert color matched spray paint, if you need something for your metal roof project, All Steel has it. Our knowledgeable staff can help point you in the direction of what your project needs. Here is just a small list of what we offer:

• Color matched fasteners for a wide variety of building applications
• Malco roofing tool- From snips to pneumatic shears we’ve got the tools the professional or homeowner
needs to complete a project
• Foam closure strips to match all our panel profiles
• Color matched sealants for all your roofing needs. From Geocel to butyl tape
• Custom color matched snow crickets, also known as snow diverters
• High temp and standard pipe flashing

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